Our Socials

Our socials are held on the last Tuesday of every month excluding December at the Cashmere Club on Colombo Street South.

A recent Social

A recent Social

All members, non-members and friends are invited to attend

The Christmas Social in November opens at 10am and the official speakers start at 11am sharp

See the notices below

We have well known brillant speakers who give presentations of worldly subjects.

The social ends about 2.30pm which allows those attending to go home before the traffic gets conjestive.

July Social & Trip 2018

July Social 2018

Note:  Change of time

Tuesday 25th. July 2018 - The Cashmere Club at 11.30am
Note:  Anyone can attend our social  Luncheon.
Doors open from 10.30am - Lunch is served at 11.30am  sharp/>

12.30pm Social Speaker:  Senior Sargent Ash Tab

Subject: “Bus trip to the Central Police Station”

We can not take any more for this trip, However, we are taking names for another similiar trip yet to be arranged.