Our Socials

Our socials are held on the last Tuesday of every month excluding December at the Cashmere Club on Colombo Street South.

A recent Social

A recent Social

All members, non-members and friends are invited to attend

The Christmas Social in November opens at 10am and the official speakers start at 11am sharp

See the notices below

We have well known brillant speakers who give presentations of worldly subjects.

The social ends about 2.30pm which allows those attending to go home before the traffic gets conjestive.

November Christmas Social 2017

Tuesday 28th. November 2017 - The Cashmere Club at 1pm
Note:  Anyone can attend our social or Luncheon.
Doors open from 10.00am - Christmas Lunch starts at 12noon sharp

11am Guest Speaker: Grant Sidaway - Executive Officer, Federation of New Zealand Seniornets      

Subject: "
* Impacts of Social Media
* Technology Trends
* Wearable Technology
* Virtual Technology
* Being secure in a not secure world

1.15pm Main Speaker: Mike Crean - Journalist, Author and Writer

Subject: "You Don’t Have To Be mad To Write a Book - But It Helps”

- I was born and raised in Hawarden, North Canterbury, trained as a teacher and taught both primary and secondary in Southland, Otago and Canterbury. In 1985 I switched to a job at the Christchurch Star, to develop and present its new project, Newspapers in Education. This was to promote the use of newspapers in schools as a tool in teaching/learning. This was discontinued after four years but I stayed on at the Star as a features writer. As the Star declined from a paid daily paper to a free weekly I jumped the fence to The Press, in 1993. After 21 most enjoyable years there I retired in 2015. My wife tells me I will not be adding to the total of four books that I have written. It is time to do things together, such as travel, she says. Our five children and seven grandchildren seem to agree.

Important Notes:

You are required to reserve and pay in advance the $33 per member luncheon fee not later 6 pm on Saturday, November 22nd. e-mail margaret.harvey@xtra.co.nz or phone Margaret at 352-4950
There is no entrance fee