2017 – March – Bill Turner was awarded Life Membership on attaining the age of 100 years.

From left to right – Derek Brown VicePresident, Bill Turner, Margaret Harvey Treasurer & Barbara Blowes President


2016 April – At our AGM, Life Memberships were awarded to


Brown Derek p Derek Brown for his work as a regular tutor and at every Friday morning and for the ongoing outstanding work as course convener for the society.  Derek is our Vice President, a position he has held for quite a number of years
Harrington Robin Harrington for outstanding work as workshop convener and for the technology expertise he has brought to SeniorNet Mac. Also for his contributions and private home visits to members.

2015 June – At our AGM in June, a Life Membership was awarded to:

hatton_margaret Margaret Hatton for her work as a regular tutor every Friday morning and for the ongoing writing & tutoring of iPhoto course tutorials. She is convener our Genealogy Special Interests Group as well.
Harrington At the same meeting a Merit Award was given to Robin Harrington for outstanding work as workshop convener and the technology expertise he brings to SeniorNet Mac.

2013 June – Merit Awards were presented to:

Peek Gay p Gay Peek, a tutor for 12 years.
chilvers_david David Chilvers, a tutor for 11 years.
Brown Derek p Derek Brown, current vice president, course convener who has also written Microsoft course notes.

2013 Life Memberships were awarded to:

Constable_gerry p Gerry Constable was a foundation member, treasurer until 2003, and has been a tutor until this year.
Version 2 Win Waterhouse of Auckland. Win and her late husband Phil were two of the first Distance Members to join our society in 2001. They have been staunt supporters of us. The memorial clock (in memorial to our first president Russell Henwood) was made and donated to us by the Waterhouses. Since the passing of her late husband, Win has continued to give us most welcomed support which we appreciate.

2013 May – Our first iPhone course.

2013 February – Our establishment of the first iPad sub group in a retirement village (20 new members).

2012 June

hatton_margaret Merit Award was presented Margaret Hatton for her diligence to Friday morning workshops and in particular for her work in writing and tutoring of iPhoto courses.

Life Memberships
were awarded to:

Hoskin Ian p1 Ian Hoskin, a committee since 2003 and who in particular, had given valuable service in organising tutors for courses.
Hadler Austin p Austin Hadler, a committee for the last 10 years and his specialised field of managing our sound system and the printing of our course notes.
Harvey-Margaret-p Margaret Harvey, a foundation member and treasurer for the last seven years. Been responsible for introducing the accounting software called “Xero” for a more professional handling of our finances. Also for hosting courses in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

2012 May – Our first iPad courses were held.

2012 February

McNeill Eugene p Eugene McNeill a foundation member and a current committee member passed away suddenly and peacefully at our monthly social. Eugene will be sadly missed by all who met him.

2012 January – We shifted to new rooms at 190 Worcester Street.

190 worc.

2011 June – Earthquakes

Following the three major earthquakes, our historic landmark building called the Cranmer Centre was demolished in June. It is now a vacant section with the exception of the concrete block building at its rear called the “Pool Room” which was the changing rooms to the swimming pool when the Christchurch Girls High School own the site. SeniorNet Mac had leased the “Pool Room” for the last 8 years. Below are two photos which will now become history.

cranmer_centre   SNM Pool Room

The Cranmer Centre and the Pool Room.

2011 May – Life Memberships

Schmidli_Shirley_p Two new life memberships were awarded. The first one was to our editor of our info letter. Shirley Schmidli has been our editor since June 2004. The society has been fortunate in having a high standard newsletter. Shirley has kept us on a tight reign with deadlines and accuracy.
blowes_barbara_p The second life membership was to our president Barbara Blowes. Barbara took over the this position in July 2003 following the death of Russell Henwood our first president. She has the ability of making meetings fun and still managing gentle control. Her constant baiting of Barry Clark at our social meetings is much fun and quite amusing to first time members. Barbara is very into new technology and has given SeniorNet Mac much pride.

2011 February – The Earthquake

Wood Murray 1p Our patron Murray Wood was killed in the CTV building on the 22nd of February. Murray was a foundation member of our society and has been our patron since 2001. Murray was also the Patron of the Apple Users Group of Canterbury and was at one time on their committee.

2010 December – Civic Award

Our Vice president Allan Rutherford received a Civic Award from Mayor Bob Parker for services to Adult Education and Computer Literacy.

civic award

2010 November

Three Foundation members were awarded certificates of Merit – They were

Constable_gerry p Gerry Constable (First Treasurer)
Whittaker Kathy p Kathy Whittaker (First Secretary)
Tripp Sally p Sally Tripp (First President)

2010 May – June

Three members were awarded certificates of Merit – They were

Mapp Dick p Dick Mapp
blowes_barbara_p Barbara Blowes
Harvey_Margaret_p Margaret Harvey

2009 August

Nichol Ken p A special Certificate of Merit was privately presented by committee representatives to late Ken Nichol prior to his death, for outstanding contribution to tutoring during the last 8 years.

2009 May

We had a record attendance of sixty at our AGM. Five members were awarded certificates of Merit, they were:

Eddy David p  Mapp Betty p  Adams Joe p  Hoskin Ian p1  Schmidli_Shirley_p

From let to right – David Eddy, Betty Mapp, Joe Adams, Ian Hoskin and Shirley Schmidli.

2009 January

We shifted to the seventy Seven Club & Bar for our Social Meetings.

2008 May

Life Membership was presented to Tom Mitchell.

Mitchell Tom 3p Tom was a foundation member who has been active ever since as a committee member as well as having been a course convener, but more importantly, he has been the writer of our courses in recent years.

Five other members were awarded certificates of Merit – They being:

Golding Annette p  Dalley_reg  Hadler Austin p  schroeder_shirley p  Holliday Mike p
From let to right – Annette Golding, Reg Dalley, Austin Hadler, Shirley Schroeder and Mike Holliday.

They had all given outstanding service during the last seven years.

2008 February

Saw the beginning of our increasing membership which has maintain its progression ever since.

2007 November

Three Workshop Schools each of a week duration were conducted as Summer, Autumn and Spring Schools each with a central theme and providing 30 workshops for members.

2007 May

Life memberships were presented to:

Rutherford_Allan_p   Henderson_Brian_p
Allan Rutherford and Brian Henderson for outstanding contribution to SeniorNet Mac.

2006 March

We now have our own Sound suite whereby members can convert sound (LP’s or Tapes) into digital form and burn them on CD’s or DVD’s.

2006 January – Summer School Workshops

Provided 22 workshops, two per day over two weeks. A large attendance of members took part.

2005 November

We purchased a new G5 iMac, Video/CD/DVD rendering equipment, Adobe Creative Suite and a TV set.

2005 January

Summer School providing 20 workshops, two per day for two weeks with 43 members and associated members attending.2004 December Associated membership was introduced allowing interested Apple Macintosh computer users younger than 55 years to join and share all the facilities and benefits of SeniorNet Mac apart from voting rights.

2004 November

MAC Bulletin Board was established to provide an internal resource for information and communication within membership.

2003 August

We created our own web site as a information gateway to SeniorNet Mac for internet users.

2003 July

henwood_russellx Our SeniorNet committee chairman Russell Henwood passed away suddenly. Russell was a very active force in the forming of SeniorNet Mac and he will be sadly missed at the head of our committee table.

Phil and Win Waterhouse, Distance Learners from Auckland donated a memorial clock for our premises in memory of Russell. In June 2003 an agreement with Aoraki Polytechnic was signed. This association provides funding assistance for courses and workshops together with tutorial support.

2003 April

Our organization relocated from room 104 to the ground floor of “The Pool house” in the Cranmer Centre at 32 Armagh Street in Christchurch.

2003 February

We carried out promotional Advertising on the CTV3 “Good Living programme.

2002 June

The distant Learning Program was conceived and initiated. This service provides tuition and support for users of Apple Macintosh computers who are unable to attend classes at our learning centre in Christchurch. Since its inception, tuition has been given to more than 50 students ranging from Whangarei in the north to Queenstown in the south and from Napier in the east to New Plymouth in the west, in all completing more than 100 courses.

2002 June

Shared a promotional stand with the Apple User Group of Canterbury at the Apple Road show in Christchurch.

2002 May

First AGM held at the Casino. Light lunch.

2001 February

SeniorNet Mac was incorporated in as a voluntary organization with the aim of providing computer tuition and support for users of Apple Macintosh computers.

2000 December

Allan Rutherford called a meeting of interested parties for the purpose of establishing a SeniorNet group for adults 55 years and over, to provide computer tuition for users of Apple Macintosh computers. Those attending the initial meeting were Grant Sidaway (Telecom & representing SeniorNet) Murray Wood and Chris Chauh (both local Macintosh retailers), Gerry Constable, Annette Golding, Austin Hadler, Brian Henderson, Russell Henwood, Ian Orchard, Eugene McNeill, Sally Tripp, Kathy Whittaker (acting secretary). Apologies from Tom Mitchell, Graham Penwell, and John Hirtzell.