Enroll early and only undertake one course per month.
Reservations and payment for each course must be made and paid one week prior to the start of each course.

  • All reservations should be sent to our postal address otherwise by either phone or email to
  • Allan Rutherford CEO – Phone:  (03)352-4950 e-mail:

If paying by direct banking, our bank account is 020816-0376043-00. Please add your “surname” and the word ‘Course‘.

Note:  Our course Fee for 2018 are four sessions $40, and two sessions $25

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March 2018

Mondays 5th - 26th of March 10am-12noon - MacBasics 1

Demo Content

Mondays 5th - 26th - 2-4pm - Photo

OS13 (High Sierra) version

Wednesday 7th of March 10am-12noon Part One - Mac AddressBook

Demo Content

Thursdays 8-29 of March 10am-12noon - Mac Basic 1

Demo Content

Wednesday 14th of March 10am-12noon Part Two - Mac Calendar

Demo Content

Thursdays 22-29th of March - 2-4pm - iPad Basic 1

Demo Content

If you desire a course on another subject, check with the Course Convener immediately.


Those undertaking courses will be contacted by the course Convener.

Contact for Local Students:
Allan Rutherford – CEO
phone: (03)352-4950
or leave a message on his answer phone

Local students When making an entry, please forward the following information. Name, telephone number, email address, Computer model, and the programmed version you are using. That is found by clicking on the programmed name (e.g. Mail) and in the drop down menu click on “About Mail”. You will find the information in there.

All course applications & fees must be received by Treasurer at least 7 days prior to the course starting.

Contacts for Distance Members
For iPads & iPhones:
Barbara Blowes
phone: (03) 332-0673

Distance Course Notes are available by correspondence.
A full list of available courses is shown in Tutorials

Special Notes
Any member enrolling & paying for two courses in advance qualifies for a 3rd course free of charge. Inform the Treasurer of your decision at the time of application.

Repeating a course you have previously undertaken is $30

For descriptions of courses, check out our Tutorials page.