SeniorNet Mac Incorporated

Seniors Teaching Seniors to use Macintosh computers & other technology devices with confidence. We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Preference is given to those over 50 years who wish to join SeniorNet Mac Incorporated. Associate Membership is available to those under 50 years of age. We also offer learning by Correspondence.

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iPads & iPhones

This category includes tutorial for: iPad Basics, KeyNote, Numbers, Pages and Photos. Each tutorial will take 2 hours.

Macintosh Operating Systems

Mac Basics is a sequence of eight 2-hours introductory lessons separated into two courses of 4 lessons each.

Apple Macintosh Applications

This category includes: Address Book, Bean, Bento, Calendar v6, Contacts v7, KeyNote, iMovie v9, Mail and few more.


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